Born in Leicester in 1980, Will studied at Goldsmiths College and worked in London as a motiondesigner until moving to the West Country in 2011 to concentrate on his artistic and spiritual practice.

Driven by the motivation to create art with a positive human message, he uses various forms of expression including Painting, Sculpture, Animation and Prints. Will also invents ingenious technological machines and writes about the Awakening.

<¿> In real life Will is the Earth-bound autonomous avatar for a fully sentient multidimensional universal energy consciousness hailing from the Altairian star system. High priest, teacher and student of divine heart consciousness. Energy healer, artist, scribe, sage, savant and cosmic joker for Angelic, Elven, Lemurian, Venusian and Cetacean star family. Sacred geometer, theologian and philosopher, keeper of diamond codes and golden keys. An undercover Galactic Federation emissary, here primarily to hold a vision of the emerging New Age of actual utopian Heaven on Earth. Ultimately I am a triangle in a circle. <?>

For this incredible experience I give endless thanks.

Everything is One! I Love You xxx

Portraits by Daniel Gontran Reardon

Aesthetica Art Prize 2014: Painting and Drawing Longlist (Tectonica)

Solo Exhibitions:
2017 Griffin, Milk Street, Frome (Coming Up Soon!)
2016 Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon (Space = Heaven)
2014 Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon (Quantum Theory of Light)
2014 Artisan Market, Bradford on Avon

Vice Creators Project - Quantum Theory Becomes A Playable Physical Object - 22nd August 2014
Aesthetica Blog Feature - 6th August 2014
Beach Meets Will Reardon - 13th May 2014

Group Exhibitions:
2015 Pear Tree Studios, Colerne, Wiltshire
2013 Hemingway Art, Oxford
2013 The White Room Gallery, Bath
2013 Wey Gallery, Godalming
2012 The White Room Gallery, Bath

2017 Cara Pearl
2017 Catherine Truscott
2016 Helen Campbell
2013 Kirsten Robmanis
2012 Maple & Stone
2012 Rosie Ter Beek